Running stories

Since 2018, Run The Story is devoted to music and art.  Such as the new album Solid Ground by The Dutch, inspired by the art of female artists like Charlotte Dumas, Rineke Dijkstra and Raquel van Haver. Or like the album Werkman, which comes together with a wonderful video by Iris Frankhuizen, permanently on show in the Groninger Museum. Or Enter Sanctuary, with a video celebrating the herons of the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam.
Also, The Dutch singer/guitarist Hans Croon aka Son of Han is on Run the Story. Check out his latest single Me And My Arrow, his version of the original song by Harry Nilsson from 1970.

Gradually, we took this one step at a time further and release music by artists and bands we love. For instance, we have released The Record Man, a tribute by Bob Gaulke and friends to the late great Ron Kane, on our little roster. Or have a listen to Imaginary Western by Son of Han, a tribute to the late great Jack Bruce.

We know releasing records is not all roses: it takes hard planning and sacrifices and disappointments and struggle but also lots of beer and fun in the process.

Run The Story is never about artistic compromise. Because, being musicians ourselves, we run our own stories.


Proudly presenting…

Son of Han – Me And My Arrow, single released January 12, 2024
Son of Han – It’s Raining / Het Regent, single released February 6, 2023
The Dutch – Solid Ground, full album with 10 songs, vinyl and cd, released February 22, 2022
The Dutch – Enter Sanctuary, mini-album with 5 songs. Released November 26, 2020
Son of Han – Imaginary Western, mini-album with 4 songs by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown. Release date October 25, 2019
The Dutch - Werkman cover photo
The Dutch – Werkman, mini-album with 6 songs dedicated to “De Ploeg”. Release date May 26, 2018
Bob Gaulke + various artists – The Record Man, a tribute to Ron Kane. CD with booklet, 12 songs. Release date May 15, 2018.
Cover of The Dutch - Four
The Dutch – Four,  CD with booklet, 14 songs. Released Nov 2016.




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